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Customer satisfaction is the primary goal of any organization or profession Celebrating those organizations demonstrating the link between customer service and profit, Indian Business and Customer service Award recognizes those constantly striving to exceed customer expectations, industry leading standards of service, and innovation around customer experience, Also how effectively complaints are dealt with, and how customer service has improved commercial performance Open to all organizations in the public, private and all sectors, Customer satisfaction is the primary goal of any organization or profession India is the home to innovative, dedicated service provider whose tireless efforts has seen them achieve great success within their respected sector. This unique initiative from Zrmindz has taken to recognize those business and professionals for achieving excellent service delivering record in their respective sectors. Needless to say, their dedication towards customer satisfaction makes them truly deserved for the IBCSA -2018. The IBCSA-2018 Awards Presented by Zrmindz Global is decided not by any jury, People or any computer as happens always, It’s a transparent and Open Process , the winner for each award will be elected by the citizen and Customer’s through voting and only voting.

• Nominations Starts from15th of March 2018 and Closes on 15th of April 2018
• Voting Starts from16th of April 2018 closes at midnight on 25 April 2018.
• The award day will be on 28th of April 2018

Companies nominate themselves upon which we create a company page for every particular company and showcase about the company, Services they offer and feedback from their customers and why they should win the Service Excellence award in there sector, After going through everything People can submit their vote for the nominated company through the Vote Button on the same page, and we will also ask the public to vote for the service providers they trust the most based on their customer service experience and value for money.Everybody talks about how great service they provide and how much they care for their customers however IBCSA will Reveal the True Winners and the real Heroes of Service in every sector of Indian Businesses, Zrmindz Global is welcome’s everyone across India for this Celebration to recognize Best Service Excellence Award and Best Value Provider Awards at IBCSA-2018. We invite everyone to seize the prestigious moments with a picture perfect opportunity that is bound to bestow upon you the best recognition well deserved indeed. Best Service Excellence Award and Best Value Provider Award are open to all who make an outstanding contribution to service, whether they can belong to private or government sector of each state of India. There are 30 sectors for each award.

Note:- The winners of each award for Each sector will be determined based on a voting system where 100% will be decided by public voting. No Jury is Involve for this award.

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How It Works

This award recognizes the work and nominates with the right opportunities

  • STEP 1: Nominate your company or the company you received services from.

  • STEP 2: Choose the sector in which your company belongs and give all the information needed in the form

  • STEP 3: Share your company page to your customers to vote for you.


Indian Business and Consumer Services Awards 2018 will be an memorable event for India. Sponsoring enables you to gain respect and credibility from our guests, our substantial network and your potential customers.Having your brand featured on our website. On the event day and post event gives you fabulous awareness – frequency breeds familiarity and puts you at the front of the

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